TASK ORDER - N0178-08-D-5457-FG03 NAVSEA

Task Order 0001. The purpose of this effort is to conduct a Business Case Analysis leading to the most cost-effective solution and locating products for processing facility within the confines of the United States. This material is used in Propellant and Warhead applications. The effort will utilize a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) to develop and evaluate three alternative sites.

Task Order 0002. The purpose of this effort is to provide on-going engineering, cost estimating and other analytical services for the staff engineering component of the Virtual Shipyard program.

TASK ORDER - N0178-08-D-5457-FG03 NAVSEA-04L & 04Xi
Program, Project, Contract, and Facility Management Support

Task Order 0001. Support gathering data requirement, monitoring deliverables and maintaining schedule and

execution data associated with current and future Facilities Restoration contracts, Facilities Use

contracts, and Lease Agreements.

  • Provide assistance in the management of acquisition, expansion, modernization, conversion, transfer, disposition of industrial Government-Owned-Contractor-Operated (GOCO) facilities.

  • Participate in the annual NAVSEA 04XI3 (AIS) inspection of GOCO facilities and track status of identified deficiencies for completion and final resolution.

  • Provide technical support with respect to manufacturing and production (M&P) efforts of DOD weapons systems and provide project management support to ensure technical capabilities are met at NIROPs under NAVSEA control.

  • Review and make recommendations on ATK ABL facility modification requests as required.

  • Review and make recommendations on ATK ABL facility use requests as required.

  • Reviewed ABL/ATK Plan of Action and Milestones POAM report for Facility Restoration Contracts FY07, FY08, Capital Maintenance, Environmental Maintenance, Long Term Maintenance, IHD IDIQ contract, and DSCR prove-outs.