CLD SEAPORT-e  Brief Description of the QA PLAN

A Brief Description of our Quality Services

Carter-Lambert Divisions (CLD) - Quality Assurance (QA) involves ensuring that policies, procedures, and standards are followed according to documented plans. QA provides the project teams, management teams and customers with visibility into the projects. Our QA Team is trained in quality assurance practices and has the ability to tailor the QA process to internal projects, as well as apply the concepts to other projects not performed by CLD and it team members. 

We have standard checklists incorporating best-practice standards and processes. In addition, we develop specialized checklists for additional process requirements. Once QA activities are completed, we document the results, report the findings and track issues to closure. CLD is developing a Software Quality Management & Assurance Database to track QA activities and non-compliance issues. This tool will enhance our capability for reporting the status of projects at any time. This will provide us the capability to better support our clients and to determine that the support is properly scoped to the priority and size of the tasks.

We are committed to:

       * Being responsible for our work
       * Leveraging the abilities of our team 
       * To satisfy our client's expectations with repeatable quality and assurance  processes
       * Solid analysis as a way of seeking improvements for quality reporting