About Us


Carter Lambert Divisions (CLD) is committed to doing two things every day:

1)      CLD is committed to gaining our customer’s confidence - because CLD’s senior leaders, managers and employees all hold ethics, trust, and integrity as the highest of their core values.
2)      CLD is committed to maintaining our customer’s satisfaction - through the diligent, focused, and timely execution of all CLD services.

Execution  Strategy

The CLD execution strategy allows us to achieve sustainable growth by defining clear goals, and by being known for providing excellent service to our customers.


At CLD, we understand that it takes insightful senior leadership and managers with strong organizational and technical expertise, working with highly motivated teams of professionals to earn the trust of our customers.  CLD takes great prides in our commitment to both our customers and our employees.     

CLD's business expertise and support services span a range of solutions, services and geographical locations. CLD’s core capabilities in the areas of information systems security, systems integration & acceptance services, integrated technical services, database management services, and programming services put us in the vanguard of a rapidly changing technological environment.

Continuously building upon our core values and our core capabilities is what CLD does day-in and day-out. Exceeding client expectations and ensuring their success is a natural outgrowth of that commitment to excellence.