Our Core structure is to support Risk Management Framework, and Cyber Security initiatives.  Encompassing program/project support and business objectives, compliance requirements and support to Agencies, Departments and/or Commands to support Security Architecture, Design and Deployment, Computer Network Defense, IA Policies and Procedures Development, Vulnerability Assessments and Security Testing, Certification and Accreditation. 

We provide support to the Engineering and Technical, Information Technology and Logistical domains which includes all support associated with the design concepts and methodologies, functional and organizational structure, and development and production of all JPEO-CBD systems.

Providing System Engineering, Requirement Analysis, Full Life-Cycle management of systems from design to sustainment, integrated emerging technologies to augment systems under development and preparing engineering documentation. Also supporting configuration management, integrate emergency management concepts, conduct assessment and requirement and including test and evaluation resources.

Our employees play a key role within the human factor strategic space of CLD and to our Clients.  

Providing quality services, capitalization support, resource specialization, and core support to assist with influencing strategic support affecting organization change.

As program managers/project managers we assist effective to provide support for Government Program affecting change, re-engineering, process improvements, and client/customer buy-in throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our program/project management methodologies effectively apply to change management and principles to conduct process modernization for its projects.  In supporting the development and evaluation, process re-engineering across all phases, identifying best practices, business management techniques, organizational development, data modeling, and information system development methods ensure proper completion of the project lifecycle.


Our logistics support to government agencies is with emphasis on supply chain management. Our Government Support Services (GSS) is designed to implement the knowledge and expertise that has been developed for more than 20 years in the industry.

We bring high-quality solutions to the government sector with efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability. Our logistical teams are from industry, military and have been battle tested in providing quality logistical services.  Support for the government and defense logistics includes; Logistical planning, dedicated warehouse operations, facility management, inventory planning, management & visibility, reengineering & consultation support, and staff resources support.

We offer training courses on Information Technology (IT) Certification and Microsoft based software applications to local, state, government, and private personnel.

Our comprehensive library of instructor-led courses is based on common Microsoft software tools which include the core Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) plus extended classes on tools such as Visio, Access, and SharePoint Designer.

The course library is constantly updated to offer classes to obtain the core skills needed in today’s workplace.  

Our supported purvue certified training center is located in Luray, Va.